VKII information workshop in Darmstadt on 30th June 2007
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Dear members and sympathizers, the VKII board invites all its members and sympathizers at the information workshop which will be held on 30th june 2007 at 2.00 PM in the location of the Darmstadt University.

Location: Allgemeines Lernzentrum, Hochschulstrasse 5, 64289 Darmstadt.


1- VKII-Workshop: learn to use the content management server Joomla for creating and administrating of websites based on open source code (we recommend attendees to bring their laptop for practice) (Dipl. Inform. med. Steve Tchouandong)
2- VKII Web Portal - Möglichkeiten der neuen Webseite (werdende Dipl.-Ing. Steve Kommogne, Dipl.-Ing. Claude Bertrand Mbayin)
3- Beratung für Studenten während und nach dem Studium (Julia Boger,  WUS Germany)
4- Entwicklungspolitischer Einsatz in der Orientierung während des Studiums (Dipl. -Ing. Alain Belhomo)
5- Die Wichtigkeit der Berufserfahrung im Reintegrationsprozess (Dipl.-Ing. Jerome Monteu Nana)
6- Podium Discussion mit WBR-VKII (Moderator: Prof. Dr.rer. nat. Christophe Bobda)
7- Report about coming events - Best Student Award 2007 (Dipl. -Ing. Hervé Noumi, Dipl.-Ing. Armand Njonga)

Considering the duration of the room rental were the workshop will be hosted, and referring to your proof punctuality in the past, we hope and wish that you will be on tine as usual.

Looking forward to your massive participation and thanking you in advance for your continuous support, believe dear members and sympathizers, the expression of our distinguished greetings and recognition.

Best regards

VKII Executive board

Phone Contacts:
+49 179 48 73 035 (Steve Tchouandong, Publicity chair)
+49 179 66 91 557 (Claude Bertrand Mbayin, Communication chair)
+49 179 94 84 334 (Armand Njonga, General secretary)

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