Introduction of the "VKII MERIT"

2006 still the year of highlights. Same as the VKII Best Student Award, another innovation of the year was the introduction of a kind of distinction called “VKII Merit”. This prize is an honour by giving credit to the hard work elaborated by some members in the past for the progress of the VKII.

A look of medals of all recipients of the VKII Merit 2006

The first members elected to this merit were:

  • Jérôme Monteu Nana (former VKII chair),
  • Giscard Wepiwe (former VKII vice-chair),
  • Alain Bellhomo (former chair VKII Energy Workgroup),
  • Alain Pfouga (former VKII Web design Workgroup),
  • Pierre Bissec(former VKII adviser),
  • Hamadou Zourmba (VKII scientific ouncil),
  • Sadou Daouda (former VKII adviser),
  • Liliane Nouthe (former VKII communication),
  • Firmin Kamleu (former adviser and member of the VKII Energy Workgroup).

Realiszed by VKII Communication

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