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It began with 5 persons...

"... five cameroonians from the idea to the new knowledge-based organization: an innovative path to now..."

The Cameroonian Association of Informaticians and Engineers was establish in november 2000 by a group of of tree engineers and two students. the new institution had the objectives of getting cameroonians together to know each other and combining the collectives strength in order to implement persistent development through applied engineering and computing sciences in Cameroon. The association was setup in Cologne-Germany with the name VKII e.V (Verein Kamerunischer InformatikerInnen und IngenieurInnen).

VKII enjoyed its rapid period of growth in since its creation in 2000, a period of growing demand for technology in the young cameroonian society. It is playing a central role in the development of a national competence base for engineering and computional fields. Our multydisciplinary profile makes VKII a unique organization.

"... New millenium - new challenges ..."

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