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Main goals


1. Channelling talents of cameroonian engineers and computer scientists.
2. Development and implementation of development-oriented projects.
3. Technology and knowledge transfer.
4. Promotion of research activities
5. Use, preservation and protection of natural resources for a sustainable development in Cameroon.
6. Contribution to an establishment of technological institutions in Cameroon.
7. Development of technical educational systems with international standard.

The association become generally accepted likewise to support student and graduate in engineering and computer sciences with following aspects:

a) Orientation and consultation in studies.

b) Assistance with the search for practical course forwards, during and according to the study
    (practical course).

c) Orientation and consultation in all questions of the social and vocational Reintegration in

d) Assistance to new student generation aiming to build a more knowledgeable and responsible
    engineers or computer scientists.

e) Participate with other organizations in developping standards, codes, and documents affecting
    engineering and computing.

f)  Build of exchange forums for computing and engineering related informations, expertise and

g) Defend members interest and dignity as well as preservation of  honour and ethics of computing
    an engineering professions.

h) Conduct and recommend seminars and educational programmes. - Provide assistance in career
    enhancement for members.

i)  Work towards improving the profession of engineering and computing in Cameroon.

In pursuance of these objectives the Association seeks to establish links of mutual respect and understanding with professional and general organizations dedicated to similar objectives and engaged in assisting Cameroon's development.
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