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Foamed Bitumen The Innovative Binding Agent for Road Construction
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Image With the introduction of the cost-efficient cold recycling process for the rehabilitation of damaged roads, a technology has earned itself worldwide renown which has ecological as well as economical benefits. The reuse of part of the existing road structure which, when treated with binding agents, becomes the foundation of a new road, is the basis for a new recycling method that has meanwhile become a pillar of economical road rehabilitation worldwide.
Almost from the beginning of the cold recycling technology, Wirtgen has been actively involved in the development of powerful machinery and equipment. During this period we have established a competence center for cold recycling whose pioneering machine developments have made a crucial contribution towards the success of this technology all over the world.
Today, this technology is successfully employed worldwide. In Europe, particularly in Norway, Great Britain and the Netherlands, but also in Eastern European countries, such as Russia or the Baltic Republics, the use of foamed bitumen in cold recycling, as an alternative to conventional binding agents, gains more and more acceptance. In addition, numerous projects are being carried out in North and South America. The foamed bitumen technology is being successfully employed even in countries with extreme climatic conditions, such as Saudi Arabia or Iran, and African states like Lybia, Malawi, Nigeria or South Africa. On the Asian and Australian continents, too, traffic routes have been economically rehabilitated within extremely short periods of time by using the cold recycling process with foamed bitumen.
Source: Wirtgen GmbH
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