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In the cameroon of the future, our standard of living will depend to an ever greater extent on our ability to create new knowledge-based organizations. The Cameroonian Association of Informaticians and Engineers has taken up this challenge by creating its own structures for innovative ideas.

Its is not a healthy sign, that Cameroon is cutting back on developpment and external research in difficult times. Although the number of cameroonian engineers and informaticians working allmost in every well-known international company is increasing, it is not understandable enough at a time, when Cameroon is demanding the best possible figures on the bottom line. This is a source of anxiety to more than just VKII. Development and research are essential for maintaining profitability and sustainably development of one country, and most companies and educational centers in cameroon need to be kept supplied with new knowledge, if they are to do so. In other terms cameroon is a less developed country, but we have no intention of continuing to live this statment. History will show that we invested enough in a strategical plan for the development of our country.

This is what we are doing in bad years, because this investment is the foundations of the services we will be needing or selling in the future. Or, to put it in other words - because they are essential if we are to have a future at all.

In the years to come we will need to be able to tailors our expertise to the demand of our target group. This is why we place great emphasis on being solution oriented in the production and the transfer of knowledge.
The needs of companies, industries and society as a whole for integrated solutions mean, that it is essential to cooperate accross disciplinary boudaries. As a technological forum we are in a unique position to assemble multidisciplinary teams, and this we can do to an ever-increasing extent.

Mankind is facing enourmous challenges in its efforts to improve the quality of life of the individual. How are we to obtain more food for a world in which many people go hungry and every day sees more mouths to feed? And how are the threats of change to be dealt with?

We do not possess any simple solution to such problems. The only thing that we can be certain of is, that knowledge is alpha and omega for anyone who wishes to take up the challenge they offer us. We believe in all modesty, that it is important that organizations such as ours exist: organizations that live by combining and transferring research-based-knowledge.

Together with our members, universities and industrial partners, the VKII forms part of a national innovation and development infrastructure.
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