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Inauguration of the first solar village and solar High school in the history of Cameroon
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June 11st and 14th 2010 were held in Cameroon two major events in his science and technology history. In fact, two key achievements realised by the initiative SLAK / ELPC (Electricity and Light for the Poor in Cameroon) were launched. This initiative coordinated by Mr Ngwe Mbeleg and Technology Institute ISC Research based in the city of Contance, Germany. By VKII-Communication  Image
Last June 11 took place in Bôtbadjang (Littoral Region) the inauguration of the first "solar" village in Cameroon. The inauguration was chaired by the Prefect of the Sanaga Maritime division, Mr. Alain Prosper Abah Abah, accompanied by the mayor of the Ndom sub-division municipality. Therefore, each of the 30 houses in that the village is now equipped with a solar kit of 160 watts for a total capacity of 4.8 Kilowatts.

Three days later, the technical High School of Douala-Bassa became the first Cameroonian school with a solar kit. The opening ceremony was chaired by the Delegate of Secondary Education of the Littoral region. A kit of six solar panels with a thickness of about one kilowatt power capacity supplies the library and 10 of the 49 classrooms of the institution. Final cost 7.2 million CFA.

The SLAK / E.L.P.C-project aims to fight against poverty and underdevelopment in Cameroon by focusing on renewable energy and sustainable development. Other similar projects are planned in a long term all over the country. This objectives can (faster) be achieved with the help of partners and sponsors.

The VKII (Association of Engineer and Computer Scientist from Cameroon in Germany), a SLAK / ELPC-Partner on this project as well as the ISC call to all institutions, companies or individuals willing to support this initiative for providing a financial or material help in otheroh so worthy for a better future for our dear country Cameroon.

To see photos of events click HERE .

To contact Mr Ngwe Mbeleg Institute and SAI:
Paul Ngwe Mbeleg
I.S.C. (International Solar Energy Research Center)
Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse 15
D-78467 Konstanz
Phone: 18 30 0049/7531-36
Fax: 0049/7531-36 18,311
paul.ngwe @ isc-konstanz.de

Bank details:
IBAN: DE23430 60,967 70,099 15,700
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