About 75 top students from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa will meet in Germany for an all-expenses-paid three-day event with an exciting mix of technology, business, and social programs. The main program will take place at the IBM Boeblingen Research and Development Lab, but they will also visit the Headquarter of IBM Germany in Ehningen.

The IBM Germany Research & Development Center based in Boeblingen, south of Stuttgart is one of the largest research and development centers of IBM worldwide. Since its foundation in 1953, the center runs IT development and research projects for the global market. Today, around 2,000 computer scientists, electrical engineers and physicists from more than 30 countries on site as well as at locations in Mainz and Kassel are working in more than 60 hardware and software projects in close cooperation with other IBM research and development centers on five continents.
The projects range from Cloud Computing, Green IT and Web 2.0 technologies, to so-called Middleware software for Information, Systems and Business Process Management, to hardware and operating systems for mainframes. As well as supercomputing concepts and components. Thus, the center runs one of the most diverse project portfolios within the IBM R&D community. In addition, the Lab hosts the largest team of experts for the open Linux operating system as well as for SAP technologies on IBM hard- and software platforms.
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