5th Edition of VKII-Best Student Award Participation and Eligibility Conditions 2010
VKII announces the launching and call for participation of the fifth VKII-Best Student Award (VKII-BSA). This is an annual prize awarded to the best 3 participants in an international contest for undergraduate and graduate students with a Cameroonian origin worldwide.

The submission deadline for the 5th edition VKII-BSA and VKII-BFA has been extended to the 30th September 2010.


It offers these young scholars, an opportunity for competition of their different innovative researches in engineering and computer science solving everyday problems. In an effort to encourage and reward female students engaged in engineering and computer sciences VKII also offers a special price called VKII-Best Female Student Award (VKII-BFA) which goes to the best female in the VKII-Best Student Award contest.

Founded 2000 in Frankfurt, VKII (Verein Kamerunischer Ingenieure und Informatiker) is the Association of Cameroonian Engineers and Computer Scientists in Germany with activities across the world. Among its main goals, VKII identifies and assigns technically oriented professionals to tackle serious and urgent problems faced in various fields of technology both in Cameroon and abroad. In order to establish a genuine link for technology transfer, the association has set a board of experts which deals with institutions such as universities, industries and vocational training schools.

Call for Participation

The goals of the VKII Best Student Award consist of the following:

1.    Highlighting and rewarding very high quality work from students in engineering, computer sciences and related fields
2.    Encouraging university/college students to explore engineering and computer science opportunities and improve their individual skills from system level design down to implementation
3.    Engaging university/college teachers and students in the examination of their thesis topics
4.    Challenging university/college students to strengthen their creativity skills
5.    Helping students to establish first contacts with professionals and researchers in the related fields

Eligibility and Guidelines

To be eligible for this competition, submission of the summary of an original research/thesis/dissertation performed by either a Bachelor or Master Degree (or Diploma) student of Cameroonian origin (or a group of students with at least one being of Cameroonian origin) presenting their dissertation in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Energy Engineering, Electrical Engineering and all related science and engineering fields should be made by September 30th 2010.
 All submitted works must have been initiated and the bulk of the work must have been performed at a university/college between the 1st of October 2009 and the 30th of September 2010. The submitted paper should describe either a conceptual work aimed at solving a given problem in engineering or computer science or a practical implementation solving a novel problem.

Some guidelines to follow during submission are outlined:
-    Your work must be submitted via the VKII-BSA email address This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
-    Each submitted paper should have a maximum of six A4 pages using font lower limit of 10pt.
-    Use this attached MS Word template VKII-BSA 2010 - Submission Template.doc to make your write-up.
-    Submissions are preferred as a PDF file but MS Word files (*.doc and *.docx) are also accepted. In any case, the attached template format must be respected.
-    A proof of your studentship is required and should accompany the submitted paper.

The following criteria will be evaluated: presentation, logic, structure & clarity of the argumentations and the pertinence of the conclusion. It is highly recommended that the author(s) show the utility of their work for the future of less developed African countries. The impact of each criterion on the final note will be published on the VKII website later.

All participants will be notified on the outcome of their results using their submission email by the 30th of September 2010.

VKII-Student Awards

The VKII-BSA Gold Award, VKII-BSA Silver Award and the VKII-BSA Bronze Award as well as the VKII-Best Female Student Award will be awarded to the winners and handed over to them during the VKII 10th Anniversary in October 2010 in Stuttgart.

The winners will be asked to present a summary of their work during the ceremony of the VKII 10th Anniversary. They would have 15 minute to do so; 10 minutes for the presentation and 5 min for Q&A. Additional information maybe requested from the winners to supplement their contribution especially if he/she can not be present at the VKII 10th Anniversary.

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