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The VKII receives the price of the Diaspora from Dr. Madeleine TCHUINTE

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On the 30th of October in Yaoundé the VKII (in English: Association of Cameroonian Engineers and Computer Scientists) who had participated in the JERSIC (Day for Research Excellence and Innovation in Cameroon) was awarded with a sum of 5 million CFA francs (7500 Euros) by MINRESI (Ministry for Research and Innovation of Cameroon) with the prize of the Cameroonian Diaspora.

The topic of the symposium organized by the MINRESI this year was "Science and Sustainable Development: the role of the Cameroonian Diaspora.  The event which took place from 27th  - 30th October mobilized more than 200 Cameroonian researchers and politicians from home and abroad. Among the guests with special significance was the Cameroonian Prime Minister Philemon Yang and David Mola, founder of Molar-Solar GmbH with over 140 employees in Germany.

During this year's conference in addition to talks and workshops there was a major fair held for inventors from different areas.  At this fair, the effect of the latest "traditional" medicines and the latest developments in animal breeding were explained.  Most admirable was usage of local applications and material to develop machines for briquetting (construction) and nut peeling in the agriculture. Several research prizes were awarded as part of this event.

Thanks to its dedication and its most concrete and constructive contributions to sustainable scientific and economic development of Cameroon, VKII was awarded the Special Prize of the Cameroonian DIASPORA. In fact, this prize rewards the excellent preparatory work which the association did on renewable energy at its 7th  Symposium in Karlsruhe (9th - 10th October 2009).

The award was presented on Friday, 30th  October 2009 at the closing gala of JERSIC in Yaoundé  to Mr. Steve Tchouandong, a informatician and speaker of Communication of the VKII and Mr. Jean-Paul Fouda Youtabat, a research engineer and a member of the Academic Advisory Board of VKII. They both travelled from Germany for this important event to Cameroon as representatives of VKII.  The two representatives of the VKII participated during the JERSIC in the two plenary groups "Renewable Energies" and "Migration and Development".  They presented in the form of a memorandum the results of the 7th  VKII International Symposium. This memorandum contains recommendations for the development of renewable energy sources and creating favourable conditions for their use and operation in Cameroon.

Mr. Tchouandong and Mr. Youtabat had the opportunity to present the VKII, its goals and activities, and its main products.  They also raise awareness about the potentiality of the Cameroonian Diaspora and its role in the development of Cameroon.  They presentations and talks were well received by the audience.  The quality of content, professionalism and competence of our representatives had helped to create more value for the VKII.  The contributions and proposals of VKII were consistent and were specially considered within the reports and final resolution of the working groups it took part in.

On the occasion awards on Friday 30th  October 2009 VKII could give its own prizes, the VKII "Best Student" and "Best Female Awards". The host Minister Dr. Madeleine Tchuinte and the representatives of the German Ambassador in Cameroon, Mr. H. Gruner gave the honour to award these prizes. The prestigious prizes are awarded each year for the best Cameroonian graduate and master students worldwide, as well as to the best female Cameroonian student.  It is a competitive award which meets international standards; the conditions and criteria are carefully selected.  The jury is composed of Cameroonian experts and professionals from the academia and the industry.

The VKII urges all Cameroonian students worldwide who are at the end of their studies and interest in this competition to take part.  The conditions for participation are available on the VKII website.  The association hopes that further contributions from Cameroonian students from around the world will come in for the next years call for papers. These would improve the image of this contest.  In addition, the VKII intends to expand the know-how of Cameroonian young professionals in order to create a strong Cameroonian scientific intelligentsia that is scientifically and technologically oriented to meet and work in Cameroonian terms.

This year's VKII "Best Student Award" was particularly in two respects: firstly, because for the first time all three winners are from Cameroonian universities, and secondly because the first prize was awarded to a woman.

The prize winners of the VKII 2009 Award, Ms. Tsatie Ndougmene Blanche Nicaise (first place), Mr. Neme Tsala Gedeon (second place) and Mr. Michael Mefenza (third place) were given their prizes during the gala ceremony by the minister and the representatives of the German Embassedor  in Cameroon.  The VKII hereby wishes to express its gratitude to all sponsors of VKII-BSA 2009 . Most especially to the association Ident Afrika e.V. and its chairman, Mr. Frederic Essam, the company Sysberry Ltd. and its chairman Gaetan Meli Kouala, the company Lion Engineering Ltd. and its chairman Francis Nzeukeyo and Habib Momo, 2nd winner of the VKII "Best Student Award" in 2008.
 The VKII Chairman Mr. Claude Bertrand Mbayin extends his thanks to the Prime Minister of Cameroon, Mr. Philemon Yang for supporting the JERSIC, the Minister, Dr. Madeleine Tchuinté and the entire Ministry for Research and Innovation for the commitment in the organization of JERSIC 2009.

We also thank the Cameroonian Ambassador in Germany, Jean-Marc MPAY for his support and his strong commitment to the implementation of our activities.  At this point special thanks go to the numerous VKII members and sympathizers for their trust and cooperation at the last 7th VKII Symposium.

The resulting price of the Diaspora is a strong sign for encouragement and illustrates the substantial will of the Cameroonian government integrating the Cameroonian scientific Diaspora in the development of Cameroon. With the cooperation of the Cameroonians Diaspora of engineers, computer scientists, scientists, physicists, mathematicians, architects, biotechnicians, economist, lawyers, etc.  VKII wants to fulfil its role and assume its responsibilities and hence promote a strong involvement of Cameroonian experts in the home country.

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