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Diaspo Science & Tech” magazine: The Scientific Diaspora Tribune

Diaspo Science & Tech magazine is an initiative of the VKII, the association of Cameroonian engineers and computer scientists in Germany. It aims to be the contribution of the African Diaspora in sharing scientific and technological knowledge in Cameroon in particular and in Africa in general. It aspires to be the platform of expression par excellence for African experts from the Diaspora in the fields of scientific research and technology. 

A platform on which the latter will be able to discuss their opinions on important issues in these fields and their potential impact on sustainable development objectives.

To achieve these objectives, the African continent needs to increase its scientific capital and stabilize technological knowledge in several key areas. To this end, the targets for scientific research and innovation should be based on present and especially future practical needs. In this context, the diaspora has a crucial role to play, that of scouting through the sharing of its opinions and visions. The expected goal is the emergence of research topics and areas of collaboration with Africa. This will help to firmly entrench the essential pillars to the advancement of science that are: to encourage vocations among the youngest, to build and strengthen capacities and finally to expose them to opportunities.

Diaspo Science & Tech magazine, therefore, wants to be the voice of the Diaspora for the development of a science policy in line with global opportunities and challenges. And by this way hopes to contribute to build a strong scientific culture in Cameroon in particular and in Africa in general.

The magazine is bilingual and is planned to be published once every six months. However, given the situation related to the covid-19 pandemic, a special issue dedicated to this crisis is planned to be published in early June 2020. This issue will focus on the civic contribution of the diaspora in the fight against covid-19 and will include the following sections:
1. Lessons to be learned for more effective communication in the face of health threats
2. The effective implementation of control methods: what is the long-term plan?
3. The scientific culture in Cameroon: challenges and obstacles to its promotion

Any form of partnership, sponsorship and financial support, contributing to the success of this initiative is welcome. Any expert from the African Diaspora interested in publishing his or her opinion in the magazine is kindly requested to contact us via email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Stéphane Kenmoe
Coordinating Team: Dr. Stéphane Kenmoe, Yannick Ceutche and Steve Kommogne
Dr Stephane Kenmoe

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