VKII contributions to the Cameroonian national dialogue 2019
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On 21 September 2019, our association, the VKII, was invited by the Embassy of Cameroon and the 11 Million Citizens Movement (OMC) in Germany to participate in the meeting on the Great National Dialogue instituted by the President of the Republic of Cameroon.
Despite some incidents during its development, the meetings and discussions were held in Berlin in the so-called Embassy. VKII was represented by the Berlin branch office (VKII-Berlin e.V. ). Given the neutrality of the association, which is apolitical, the VKII representatives were chosen by the audience (mainly composed of representatives of the political parties CPDM, SDF and OMC movement) to chair and report the meeting.
The results of the September 21 session were summarized in a protocol, which was subsequently transmitted to the Cameroonian government delegation visiting Berlin on September 26.  

The following text only presents the position and (more detailed) proposals of our association, which have been transmitted.


The VKII (association of Cameroonian engineers and computer scientists of Germany) is a non-profit and apolitical association.

Through its actions, VKII aims above all to be a strong development actor for Cameroon and Africa. In addition to our projects to support the diaspora and to transfer knowledge to Africa, our association has also been raising awareness in recent years among its public (German and African society) about achieving the 17 sustainable development objectives defined by the United Nations (UN). This was the case again this year at our conference as part of the "African Village" festival in Frankfurt am Main, on 27 and 28 July 2019 and in May of 2017 and 2018 at our conferences of African diasporas in the city of Dortmund.

To this end, and within the framework of the National Dialogue, in which we have been invited to partake, we invite the Cameroonian government to do everything possible to achieve objective number 16 of sustainable development goals (Peace, Justice and effective institutions): for "the promotion of the advent of peaceful and inclusive societies for the purpose of sustainable development"; the reason being that, in a society without peace and strong institutions, there are fewer entrepreneurs and investments, little knowledge and technology transfer, fewer educational opportunities and youth training, which the nation needs to build up and develop itself.

We also wish to highlight objective number 17 of sustainable development  goals (partnership for the achievement of these objectives): to "Strengthen the capacity to implement the Global Partnership for Development and revitalize it". We particular emphasize on partnership with diasporas, inviting the Cameroonian government to cooperate with all its children from all over the world (its diasporas), thereby involving them more closely in the process of building and developing Cameroon.

meeting at the Embassy, 21 of September 2019

2-Concrete proposals on the English-speaking crisis and the Cameroonian diaspora

On the basis of the general aspects we presented in our aforementioned preamble, we would like to make the following proposals (as a priority measure) regarding the "anglophone crisis" and the Cameroonian diaspora:

§ About the "Anglophone crisis"

o Initiate a process of appeasement through the release of (political) prisoners before the beginning of the dialogue

o Implementation of tax relief measures for companies operating in the northern and southwestern regions of Cameroon

o Free Medical and social care for the victims of the crisis

§ About the Diaspora

o Full legalization of dual nationality

o The establishment of a "Entrepreneur Visum" for german/european Entrepreneurs of Cameroonian origin wishing to set up a business in Cameroon

o Creation of a dedicated ministry for the diaspora

o Ease up of the visa process for Cameroonians naturalized in Germany / Europe

o Reconsideration of the legal status of children born from a Cameroonian parent and a german/european parent

Done in Berlin, 21 and 26 September 2019

Narcissus Bonomak
President VKII-Berlin e.V.

Steve Kommogne
President VKII e.V.

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