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Program and registration for the VKII Entrepreneurship Day 2018 in Berlin

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On September 29, 2018, the VKII e.V. invites members and friends to Berlin for its second Entrepreneurship Day. Subject matter of this conference will be “migrant entrepreneurs as bridgebuilders in the aid of developmental cooperation”, focusing on Germany and Cameroon, on education, Fintech and incubators. Opportunities for African and especially Cameroonian diasporas are of great interest. One of the conference's goals is to provide useful information by experienced and established African companies and representatives, by national organizations and business associations – all in the service of a principal decision: starting a business in Africa or Europe. Developmental assistance and German trade towards Africa are key phrases of the day.

Place and time:
Mercure Hotel MOA Stephanstraße 41 10559 Berlin

Project Management & Event Manager: Narcisse Bonomak
Management: Steve Kommogne, Armel Djine
Finances: Lora Nyami Tankeu, Nathalie Kamena,
Communication: Francine Erica Akieme, Marianne Balle Moundoudou,
Marketing & External Relations: Steve Biapan, Souleymanou Iya Mansour, Arnaud Chatueng, Hermann Kana, Joel Tamo, Willy Makend

Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Language: German, French, Englisch

Registration required on:

Childcare: available on request.


Preliminary schedule:

08h30 - 09h00: registration / breakfast

09h00 - 09h10: Welcome address by VKII Berlin’s chairman Narcisse Bonomak

09h10 - 09h20: VKII Entrepreneurship Day 2017: A review by Steve Kommogne

* Part 1: Education

09h25 – 09h45: The entrepreneur in thousands of shapes

Speaker: Phanuel Tchomgig (Impact Academy)

09h45 – 10h05: Methods and means used by ITA for the emergence of technical science in Africa, and especially in Cameroon

Speaker: Raoul Tepong (ITA – Institut de technologies appliquées)

10h05 – 10h25: Presentation of KTC-Center in Cameroon

Speaker: Steve Biapan (KTC-Center Sarl )

10h25 – 10h45: SellNow Marketing: Training of future executives and entrepreneurs

Speaker: Simplice Ndago (SellNow-Marketing GmbH)

10h45 – 11h05: Mobilizing diaspora entrepreneurs for Africa's development

Speaker: Marc Mbieleu (AKH Consulting)

11h05 – 11h15 Coffee break, and opening of the entrepreneur fair

* Part 2: Fintech

11h15 – 11h35: « Simplifying cross boarder bills payment »

Speaker: Jerry Cheambe (Maviance GmbH/Sarl)

11h35 – 11h55: « Analytical Real time Ecosystem (ARE) »

Speaker: Thierry Monthe (Smart Data Analytics gUG)

11h55 – 12h15: Presentation of the money transfer portal «Safi-Money»

Speaker: Dr Mouil Silt (Safi-Money)

12h15 – 12h35: Presentation of the money transfer portal « Djangui-Collect »

Speaker: Guilain Kenfack (Appfabrik Sarl) – to be confirmed

12h35 – 13h20: Lunch Break

* Part 3: Incubator of entrepreneurs

13h20 – 13h40: « Health Chatbots to manage healthcare emergency during crisis & war period »

Speaker: Patricia Monthe (MedX Ehealth Center)

Joint session with Camfomedics e.V. (more by www.camfomedics.org)

13h45 – 14h05: «The Returnees»: Legacy of a pioneer bridge between the African diaspora and Africa

Speaker: Miranda Oben (Returnees Inc)

14h05 – 14h25: Technological contributions to development for a more competitive Africa

Speaker: Yannick Guetse (Bantu development e.V.)

14h25 – 14h55: Promote 2019 - Opportunities for entrepreneurs in Germany

Speaker: Alexander Sipua (Sipua-Consulting)

14h55 – 15h10: Coffee break

15h10 – 15h35: Presentation of the employers'association «Entreprises du Cameroun» (Ecam)

Speaker: Brigitte Moumy (Ecam-Europe)

15h35 – 16h00: Presentation of GIZ portal to support small business owners in Cameroon

Speaker: Thomas Foerch (GIZ)

16h00 – 17h00: Migration for Development Program - Business Ideas for Development GIZ / CIM

Speaker: Brice Chuepo – Koordinator in Kamerun

Speaker: Romeo Nwansi – „Best practice“

* Part 4: Entrepreneur fair (parallel to lectures)

11h00 – 18h00: fair with CIM, VKII, Afrobridge, AKH-Consulting, the Returnees Inc, MedX-Ehealth Center), Ecam (« Entrepreneurs du Cameroun »), Keleyena, Zesok, and others 

18h00 End of conference

Starting 20h: Networking-Dinner – VKII & Camfomedics

Mercure Hotel MOA, Stephanstraße 41, 10559 Berlin 

Hosted by Miranda OBEN


Special Guest (Keynote-Speaker) Dr Akuma Saningong (https://www.drsaningong.com/de/)

Artistic performance by Eyala Band


We thank all our partners and sponsors:

- Webportal Cameroon CEO


- Zentralrat der afrikanischen Gemeinde in Deutschland e.V.

- Camfomedics e.V. 
- Patronat Ecam (Entreprise du Cameroun)

- Maviance GmbH / Sarl

- Webportal Keleyena

- Webportal Zesok

- The Returnees Inc

- Bantu Development Initiative e.V.

- Projektsentwicklungsbüro Dr Som  

- Institut de technologies appliquées (ITA)

- Mulongwa-mwa-Bito - Dolmetschen

- Dr Akuma Saningong (Keynote Speaker)

- Impact-Academy

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