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Call for participation: 3 months Online Training followed by A Demonstration Week
The goal of the second phase of DiSEKTEA (DiSEKTEA 2.0) is to consolidate the exchange of knowledge between African experts abroad and the University of Yaoundé 1 as well as to
extend knowledge transfer with more African higher education institutions such as PKF Institute of Excellence and National Advanced School of Engineering in Yaoundé. The training will consist in two sessions: an online followed by a face to face session.

The focus here is to offer a practically oriented training to students in actual relevant technological areas such as Microcontroller Programming, Business Intelligence, Product Design (3D-Printing), Bio Energy and Mobile Apps Programming. At the end of the online training session, a demonstration week is planned to present the products that will have been developed by the students during the online session.
The online courses will start in January 15th and will last approximately 3 months. The demonstration session will take place during the Easter week.
Are you interested? Please register through the following link up to January 19th: https://goo.gl/forms/0WxZhHYwTj2fBJr12 .

The number of participants is limited, the principle of first come first serve will be applied.

2 Project background and context

As the worldwide first technical contact of the Cameroonian Diaspora, the association of Cameroonian engineers and computer scientists (VKII e. V.) has distinguished itself for nearly fifteen years through the development of technology-based solutions in Cameroon as well as abroad. In addition to its numerous projects, the VKII promotes excellence within the global Cameroonian society through its highly interesting activities such as its Mentoring program, its symposium or different seminars and awards.
Within the scope of their respective development activities, VKII and DÄSAV (the German-Ethiopian students and academics Association associations) have joined together in order to initiate the project „Diaspora Supported Education, Knowledge, Technology and Entrepreneurship in Africa “ (DiSEKTEA). During a pilot phase, an e-learning platform has been successfully developed, well tested and implemented. 

Face-to-face courses in the context of short stays combined with online activities on the developed virtual learning environment have been operated to jointly supervise students at the Universities Addis Ababa and Yaoundé 1 by Diaspora and local experts. A framework to support knowledge transfer between African experts abroad in the field of microcontroller programming, Development of mobile applications, China in Africa and business intelligence and students and scientific staff from Addis Ababa and Yaoundé 1 universities has been
designed and built.

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