Two days CodeJam in Berlin: Focus on SAPUI5, OpenUI5, SAP Web IDE and HANA Express Edition
Jointly organized with (and hosted by) the association of Cameroonian engineers and computer scientists in the technical university of Berlin, the infrastructures were well organized and enough Desktops for participants without their own Laptops were available.
Participants were from different industry branches and some young talents from universities of Berlin. The background of the participants was not homogenous

I started the first day of this journey by introducing the CodeJam concept, followed by its objective and how one to request one.

After the general presentation of the CodeJam, I continued the program with an overview of the SAPUI technology, highlighting the most use controls, the bootstrap concept, the MVC pattern, the one and two ways data binding and the differences between SAPUI5 and Openui5.


After those theoretical parts, the logical next step was to jump to practice. Here I provided the participants with all links related to tutorials dealing with the main topics of the event.  After demonstrating how some controls are built, how their work, how to find out their properties and to download them, I gave them enough time to explore some controls and to complete some selected tutorials.

Coming back from lunch, I introduced the SAP Web IDE, the framework we used during the event to build web applications. I also commented with the participants the advantage using SAP web IDE compare to Eclipse. I introduced the important features of SAP Web IDE followed by some demos and hands on. The last stuffs of the day were the introduction of FIORI and the SAP UX Experience. I presented the concept behind FIORI as well as the architectural requirements that a FIORI application should fulfil followed by some tutorials on that stuff.

The second day was focus on HANA Express. Some of the participants were aware of HANA and the concept of In-Memory Data Base, but did not have the opportunity to have... Read More by the following link: https://blogs.sap.com/2017/07/29/two-days-codejam-in-berlin-focus-on-sapui5-openui5-sap-web-ide-and-hana-express-edition/

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