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Maviance Cameroon - Job Profile for operations manager
Image Maviance Cameroon builds and commercializes industry specific mobile applications adapted to solving local problems within African the context [...].
Maviance Cameroon operates an innovative fast growing bill payment service based on its multi-payment platform Smobilpay TM (www.smobilpay.cm) [...]. To support our rapidly growing business and operations, we are seeking to add you to our team as an Operations Manager.

With superb leadership and operational management experience, you will bring robust and efficient process, accountability and organization to help Maviance Cameroon operate with the highest speed, efficiency and quality possible.
You will be responsible for managing operations, including coordinating across product, development after-sales functions. Reporting to the Managing Director and the board of Directors, you will be a key leader in the team.
Srong business judgment, fiscal responsability, knowledge of current market trends and technologies in the FinTech space, deep experience of operational management and associated best prectices, and a keen focus on user engagement are essential.

Are you interested in returning to Cameroon and taking up a challenging position with managerial perspectives? If yes, we have a very interesting proposal for you.

Read More by the following link.

Source Maviance GmbH


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