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USA: Which Universities Produce the Most Successful Startup Founders?
If you read startup funding announcements on tech blogs frequently, you’ve may have noticed that these startup founders have often attended prestigious universities. Founders who have graduated from Ivy League schools, such as Harvard, Yale and Princeton, unsurprisingly raise millions for their startups.

Of course, top tier tech schools such as Stanford, MIT, and Carnegie Mellon foster a strong technical and entrepreneurial background: attributes which venture capitalists seek when investing in a startup founder. (Disclosure: I’m a Carnegie Mellon alumnus).

Do the tech universities produce more funded graduates than the Ivy League universities? Do the founders from Ivy League Universities receive more funding than those from the top tier tech universities?

Using TechCrunch’s CrunchBase API, I obtained the data of about 2,500 startup founders in the United States who have created a startup which has received investment from venture capitalists.

With that data, I found some rather interesting trends.
Which universities produced the most amount of graduates who have received funding?

Thousands of university graduates attempt to make a startup, but most will not succeed. Are the graduates of some universities more frequently successful?

Here are the Top 16 universities with the most number of successfully-funded graduates:... Read More

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