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The “Cameroonian association of engineers and computer scientists” mostly known as VKII (German contracted denomination) was founded in 2000 at Frankfurt. Prior to its creation, the increasing number of engineers and computer science students from this part of Africa which lives in Germany desired to establish an association which could help to improve their status in German universities as minor community.

Since then, the number of Cameroonian alumni has drastically increased. Today, the fledging group has gained momentum to the extent that it brings together the highest number of Cameroonian students and professionals in Europe. The association represents the everlasting burning desire to achieve success in a competitive society and improve the quality of life for Cameroonians. The VKII is recognized by the German law as non-profit, non-political and a civil organization. It was built up from the grassroots to relieve the difficulties that students, alumni as well as technicians encounter in their various professions. Furthermore, the association promotes Excellency within the community. For e.g. recently the best graduates of the year have just been rewarded for their contribution by way of their master thesis. By doing so, various talents of the community are known, motivated and empowered.

Among its main goals, the VKII identifies and assigns technically oriented professionals to tackle serious and urgent problems faced in various fields of technology both in Cameroon and abroad. In order to establish a genuine link for the transfer of technologies, the association has set a board of experts which deals with institutions such as universities, factories and vocational training schools. In order to meet the needs of the populations with adequate solutions, contacts with those institutions are regularly being established for quite some years now.
The VKII organizes yearly symposiums since 2006 whereby many associate institutions as well as students and professionals from the whole world are invited. These host nearly 200 attendees from various fields of technology including sympathizers. During this annual meetings, various themes related to technology are presented and debated. Each symposium is crowned by an award ceremony to honour the best graduates and advice them in their future duties in the industry or in the field of research. Various information workshops are also scheduled as part of the annual undertakings of the VKII. And these take place in numerous university campuses in Germany crowded by Cameroonian students. The VKII has its representatives in almost all German technical universities as well as in various industries in Europe.

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