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Verein kamerunischer Ingenieure und Informatiker - Former Boards
Former Boards

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Executive President: Dipl. -Ing. Steve Kommogne
General Secretary / 1st Vice Executive President: Dipl. Wirt. Ing. Landry Maffo Meli:
Finance Chair / 2nd Executive President: Dipl.-Ing. Francoise Deloko
Treasury: Dipl.-Wirt. Hyanick Assembé Atangana
Communication Chair: Dipl.-Ing. Valery Tchanqué Kemtchou


Executive President: Claude Bertrand Mbayin
Vice Executive President: Armand Njongang  
General Secretary: Marie-Noel Ngouongo  
Vize general Secretary: Landry Maffo Meli
Treasury: Christelle Diane Yimi
Financial auditor: Francoise Deloko
Communication Chair: Steve Kommogne


Executive President: Claude Bertrand Mbayin
Vice Executive President: Henri Ngaha / Armand Njongang  
General Secretary: Armand Njongang / Steve Kommogne  
Vize general Secretary: Steve Kommogne / Marie-Noel Ngouongo
Treasury: Yves Tabue
Financial auditor: Christelle Diane Yimi
Communication Chair: Steve Tchouandong


Executive President: Prof. Christophe Bobda
Vice Executive President: Giscard Wepiwe / Henri Ngaha
General Secretary: Armand Njongang   
Vize general Secretary: Steve Tchouandong
Treasury: Marie-noelle metseye
Communication Chair: Jerome Monteu Nana / Claude Bertrand Mbayin

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